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DishFish Featured in Smart Retailer’s March/April 2019 Issue | 04/09/19

Dishfish Gill
The revolutionary new dish-cleaning tool with comfortable, easy-to-hold shape introduces PowerCell Technology for powerful, scratch-free scrubbing, even on the most sensitive surfaces. Perfect for cleaning spoons, forks, and other utensils.

DishFish Go-Fish Scrubber and Dual Scrubber
Clean even your most precious glasses without worrying about scratches. The ergonomic fish-shape allows the scrubber sponge to reach difficult-to-reach areas while fitting comfortably in your hand. This ultra absorbent sponge gets wipe-dry results for everyday cleaning tasks.

DishFish Featured in Better Homes and Gardens April 2019 Issue | 03/15/19


Award-Winning Cleaning Products for Keeping Your House Tidy All Year Round by | 03/11/19

The DishFish is one of our favorite kitchen sponges to use because of its unique tactility. It's comprised of an open-cell foam that helps it retain its shape and dry quickly, and it also feels pleasantly plush to use. The soap's material also absorbs dish soap wonderfully, instead of it sliding right off. This dual-sided sponge works just as well on heavy-duty cookware as it does on delicate glasses.

Though the foam is soft, its fish-like form is more rigid than most, preventing it from slipping around in your hand while you're trying to scrub out a tough spot. Though the design is cute, the sponge's "fin" can actually be gripped with fingers to give the user more control and also get the job done faster.


Cleaning Products Professional House Cleaners Always Buy by Reader’s Digest

Basic sponges are a dime a dozen and, thankfully, pretty inexpensive. They also collect germs, which is why German microbiologist Markus Egert tells Reader’s Digest that he recommends replacing your sponge weekly. Given how often you use a sponge, it’s worth investing in one that’s not only practical but long-lasting—and why not adorable, too? The DishFish Dual Scrubber sponge has a non-scratchy scrub surface on one side; the other side is a more traditional single-swipe that’s best for counters wipe-downs. But what sets this sponge apart from other is that it fights off bacteria, mildew, and mold. Thanks to its anti-microbial properties, it can last three to four weeks, depending on how frequently you use it.


100 Stocking Stuffers under $10 for Everyone on Your List by Reader’s Digest

Give them what is sure to become their new favorite dish gadget: The Dish Fish is a dual-scrubber sponge that delivers where many others fall short. It removes gunk, keeps its shape, remains stink-free and dries standing on its tail.


21 unique holiday gift ideas for in-laws in 2018 by

And if you get stuck joining the in-law's on dish duty after dinner, lighten the load with this practical-but-fun stocking stuffer — an effective, odor-free cleaning sponge called a DishFish.


Stress-Free Thanksgiving Tips by Good Day PA

Lifestyle Expert Grace Gold joins Good Day PA to share side dishes for Thanksgiving and tips for a stress-free holiday.


“A fish-shaped sponge you'll definitely want handy at the tail end of dinner” by BuzzFeed

I love DishFish sponges!! The green part gets super sudsy and the blue part is great for scraping off grime. They last a little longer than traditional sponges, and just feel really satisfying to squeeze.


DishFish Makes an Appearance on the Today Show!

With fall officially upon us, design expert Francesco Bilotto drops by to share cleaning and organizing pro-tips to maximize space and properly store summertime items.


Soccer Mom Survival Guide with Stacy Cox on Channel 12 News

Stacy Cox gives busy moms tips to make their days easier from a multipurpose sponge to quick and easy skin care.



If you have children, who are often living out of the back seat of your car while you drive them to their: games, tutors, doctor’s appointments, play dates – inevitably things will spill creating a small river in your car and on floor mats. These unusual sponges to the rescue! DishFish are 10x stronger, 6x more water absorbent and 2x more absorbent of grease and grime than the leading brand. They are made from specialized polyurethane foam infused with an antimicrobial, material that significantly reduces the spread of E.Coli by up to 90%. This “secret sauce” material is known as “Power-Cell Technology” for powerful, scratch-free scrubbing even on sensitive surfaces (see the photo right below). And unlike most sponges that stay wet, the NEW DishFish sponges and scrubbers are designed to stand up on their tail, so they dry faster and stay clean. From every day household cleaning tasks to more challenging hobbies or automotive cleaning, DishFish has a sponge for every use. The brand even earned the Good Housekeeping “Tried + Tested” designation for excellence for the Dual Scrubber Sponge.



I first tried these DishFish scrubbers a few months ago, and I don't think I'll ever go back to a traditional sponge. They're made from a durable, pliable material that features open-cell technology, so instead of absorbing odors, moisture, and food particles, they simply rinse clean. These sponges won't scratch anything (counters, porcelain, dishes, or non-stick pans), but they scrub extremely well to get rid of baked-on food and scum — and they even have cut-outs to wash utensils in one quick motion.


“If you like Scrub Daddy, you’re going to love the DishFish even more.” by The Cheat Sheet

If you like Scrub Daddy, you’re going to love the DishFish even more. These better-than-sponge scrubbers are fantastic at scouring your toughest messes and last a lot longer than traditional sponges. They come in several different versions, with the DishFish Dual doing the best at replacing a multi-purpose sponge with a scrubber on top and an absorbent sponge on the bottom. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself reaching for them again and again in the kitchen.

The only foreseeable con with DishFish is that it’s not available everywhere, so you can’t just run to the grocery store to grab one if you have some kind of sponge emergency. But if you can wait two days and you have Amazon Prime, DishFish sponges are available on Amazon or at Walmart.


20 Genius Products Under $20 That Make Your Life Easier by Reader’s Digest

If you’ve never heard of DishFish, now you have, and you’ll wonder what you did before you had one. This ultra-absorbent little sponge has a soft side and a scrubbing alter ego, is smell-resistant, fights bacteria and mildew, and won’t scratch any surfaces. That means it’s safe for even your most delicate pots, pans, and countertops.


2018 EDITORS’ PICKS | BEST NEW PRODUCT | by Progressive Grocer

The DishFish family of products from Foamtec International LLC offers powerful, non-scratch scrubbing and “single-swipe” cleaning in and out of the kitchen, while also resisting bacteria odors, mold and mildew. While the long-lasting, nontoxic DishFish Scrubber resists bacteria odors naturally and is designed to release water, food and particles quickly, the durable, super-absorbent DishFish Dual Scrubber Sponge incorporates a scrubber on one side and a bacteria-odor-resistant sponge on the other. Both work like a charm.


"The Sponge for Your Extreme Cleaning Needs" Article by Healthy Way

Your standard dish sponge can go a long way toward keeping your home tidy, but it might not be up to the challenge of the toughest jobs around your home. Enter the DishFish GoFish Power Scrubber: A powerful blue sponge designed specifically for challenging cleaning tasks. 

It’s engineered to scrub away stubborn substances, like oxidation, bugs, and tar from cars, ATVs, motorcycles, and more. Plus, the innovative open-cell structure of the sponge allows for ample drainage, keeping bacteria at bay. Pro tip: Stand the GoFish scrubber on its tail to help keep it dry and fresh.

DishFish GoFish Power Scrubber Sponge, $8.95


The DishFish Dual was Featured in Us Weekly's May 2018 Issue!


5 New Products for Better Spring Cleaning by Parade

Scrubbing Power
Stop smelly sponges from stinking up the kitchen (and getting tossed every few days!) with non-scratch DishFish Dual Scrubber Sponge ($8, It’s made with a breathable “open cell” material and easily stands on its “tail” end to allow excess water to drain. As a bonus, the ergonomic fish shape makes it easy to scrub glassware and other tight spaces.


The DishFish was featured in Good Housekeeping in the January 2018 Issue.


DishFish…This helpful dishwashing fish that works…with an aquatic shape by BuzzFeed

Promising review: "I'm really pleased with DishFish. It's easy to scrub with and doesn't scratch the dishes. I like the ability to stand it up and let it drain quickly. It doesn't stay damp or greasy after use, making it nice and clean for the next use. On top of the good functionality, it has a fun shape. The kids love it (it has even helped them clean up if you can believe it!) and they've already named the fish that came in the three-pack. Seems like something good to always have on hand—I'm very pleased!" - Doug Porter

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.


DishFish Dual & DishFish Scrubber Review
by Missys Product Reviews

My Opinion: I really like the design and idea behind DishFish as I can fit in tight cups, coffee pots, and other hard-to-reach places that I can’t normally get to. They work very well and have been using them for couple weeks now and no odor has gotten on them yet.


DishFish Sponges really aren’t your average Kitchen Sponges! by SoCal City Kids

I finally found a sponge that works great on washing dishes!

Did you know that the kitchen sponge is the dirtiest item in your house? It gets soaked with germs, torn apart and foul smelling. The new, innovative cleaning tool, DishFish, makes the task of washing dishes not so terrible.


A Dish Sponge That Resists Bacteria & Odors!
by Raising Up Teens

 I am SUPER HAPPY that this cute fish-shaped dish sponge, called the DishFish, has come into my family's life.  There is no need to worry about any of the smelly odors or other dangerous bacteria growing on my sponges anymore... at least not for a while.


Your Kitchen Sponge… A World Of Bacteria
by Grapevine Mom

"It scrubs with ease through though baked on food, like my slow cooker dish that I use to bake all the time, and the food scraps wash off the scrubber really easily. It is also non-scratch and doesn’t scratch my non-stick pots and pans. It is durable and keeps its perfect fish shape, which also allows it to get into all the nooks and crannies ie. the bottom of my vase.


Throw Away That Nasty Sponge & Get DishFish
by My Silly Little Gang

"I use a new sponge every two weeks. It gets real dirty real quick and how clean can your dishes be if you are using a dirty sponge. Recently I was introduced to DishFish. Did you know that the kitchen sponge is the dirtiest item in your house? It gets soaked with germs, torn apart and foul smelling. The new, innovative cleaning tool, DishFish, makes the task of washing dishes not so terrible."


Your Dishes Deserve Dish Fish
by This Frugal Family

"The Powercell Technology in the Dish Fish Scrubber is everlasting.  But, my favorite part is how it stands up, so it can dry more properly.  You can clean cutlery, thanks to the gills, without having to worry about cutting yourself.  I love how my spouse cleaned the grill with it, brought it in, rinsed it, and Dish Fish was as good as new.  You couldn’t even tell he cleaned a greasy surface."


Consumer Critique: DishFish
by Motherhood Moment

"The kitchen sponge - that one that you scrub your dishes with - can be one of the germiest things in your house, unless you take steps to clean it properly. I recently had a chance to try a new type of scrubber from DishFish. It's made with PowerCell Technology that resists bacteria. It's designed to last twice as long as a typical sponge without falling apart. I love the shape - the curves helped it fit in my hand better than a rectangular sponge would. I also really love the "gills" that make it easy to wash utensils without folding the scrubber over."



"Not only is DishFish a healthier option for doing your family’s dishes, but it’s safe too. Wet or dry, it won’t scratch up the Teflon, glass, or other non stick surfaces. But it cleans better than traditional sponges. The soft, pliable material flexes when wet and reduces breakdown, so it will last longer than normal sponges too."


Keep the Kitchen Spotless with DishFish
by Parenting in Progress

"Are you tired of those nasty yucky sponges sitting on the kitchen sink?  You need to check out DishFish.  These are awesome sponges and scrubbers that will keep your kitchen spotless.  DishFish will replace your old sponges and keep your kitchen cleaner and reduce bacteria."


DishFish Review – Sponge vs. Dish Cloth
by Life's Epic Journey

“I’ve been using the same exact Dishfish Scrubber for just about a week now (which is longer than any dish cloth has ever lasted me). No smells, no slime, still intact (not falling apart). It still feels brand new...  I am no longer a fan of my dish cloth. I'm happy to report I'll be trading them all in for the DishFish Scrubber!”


DishFish Sponge Review by Cassandra M's Place

“The DishFish is flexible and conforms into tight spaces while quickly releasing food and grease particles. All models fit perfectly into your hand and even have gills to clean cutlery easily.”