What makes DishFish scrubber sponge different than other sponges?

I come from a family of products that include powerful, multipurpose sponges and non-scratch scrubbers designed to clean harder and smarter while staying fresh and odor free longer. There are several unique features that make my family of patented products different and better than the competition. The unique PowerCell Technology™ and ForeverFresh Foam™ makes the me stronger (up to 10x stronger), more absorbent, and I am able to release water and particles more quickly than other sponges while resisting bacteria odors, mold and mildew. Bottom line: I clean better, won’t scratch and never smell! I am the perfect cleaning tool- at least that’s what consumers call me!

How do DishFish products fight bacteria, odors, mold & mildew?

I am made with open, flow-through cells that are designed to quickly release water, grease, dirt and debris. This advanced technology combined with anti-microbial helps keep me clean & fresh after each use.

What is the difference between the DishFish Scrub Sponge & The DishFish Scrubber?

My scrubber sponge is made from a super absorbent sponge on one side & a no scratch scrubber with exclusive PowerCell Technology on the other side. The sponge side is made from ForeverFresh Foam™ and is super absorbent allowing me to keep more soap in my sponge, and dirty water out. I am also designed to quickly release particles to stay clean longer.

I also have a scrubber that is extra large, heavy duty and non-scratch. My scrubber is made from exclusive PowerCell Technology for challenging jobs. I aggressively and safely remove all sorts of dirt, grime, grease, and other tough household stains.

Rinse me thoroughly with warm water before & after each use (I prefer a warm bath!) If you have a super sensitive surface, It’s always best to test me first on an inconspicuous area and allow me to dry to verify no surface damage. When you are finished with me, just stand me on my tail to drain, dry & stay clean.

Can the DishFish scrubber material be used on any sensitive surface?

Yes! While I hate dirt and grime, I am gentle to the things I love- like sensitive surfaces. Use me with warm water for normal stains and cold water for tougher stains. See use and care above.

Can I put DishFish products in the Microwave to disinfect them?

Yes - you can microwave me for up to a minute on a medium setting. But I don’t really like the microwave, particularly given my unique design and patented shape so I don’t recommend it. I stand on my tail to drain water and rinse clean so I naturally resist bacteria odors, mold and mildew.

Are DishFish products dishwasher safe?

Yes but again it is not necessary to put me in the dishwasher- just stand me up on my tail to drain naturally and keep me , clean, fresh and looking great!

Can I use DishFish products to clean my golf clubs & skis & other sporting good equipment?

I don’t scratch most surfaces so my uses are limitless! I can clean just about anything from dishes to shoes! I always recommend testing me first on any super sensitive surface and use me with warm water. See care and use above.

Is DishFish Tested on Animals?

Never! I love dogs too much!

Does DishFish contain Latex?


Will my DishFish hold onto smells & odors?

I am made out of ForeverFresh foam and my unique/patented shape is designed to quickly rinse out water and particles, while keeping me resistant to bacteria odors, mold and mildew.

Where is DishFish based?

The father of my family is a veteran and we are proudly based & packaged in Waco, Texas.

Do you recommend I use Cleaner with DishFish products?

You can use me with your favorite cleaning products, particularly Bar Keepers Friend - my BFF.

Are DishFish products environmentally friendly?

Yes - I am not harmful to the environment, people or pets. I love everyone!