From heavy duty tasks like pots & pans to delicate surfaces like glass & stove tops, there is a DishFish for you.

DishFish Scrubber

The revolutionary new dish-cleaning tool with the ergonomic shape that introduces PowerCell Technology for powerful, scratch-free scrubbing—even on your most sensitive surfaces.


DishFish Dual

A dual scrubber and sponge that utilizes PowerCell Technology for powerful scratch-free scrubbing and an ultra absorbent foam to get "wipe dry" results. Perfect for everyday household cleaning tasks.

DishFish Soapie

Natural degreasing soap-infused scrubber and sponge using a proprietary soap-infusion technique that provides powerful, long-lasting scrubbing.


GoFish Power Scrubber

The DishFish Scrubber just got BIGGER! The GoFish Power Scrubber makes big cleaning jobs easy, providing scratch free results. Ideal for cars, grills, boats, and much more.

GoFish Scrub Sponge

Big tasks require a Big Fish! GoFish introduces PowerCell Technology and ForeverFresh foam in a large form. Perfect for washing cars, motorcycles, boats, just about anything that requires a big clean!