with Exclusive PowerCell Technology



Get a New Kind of Cleaning Power With The DishFish

The DishFish Scrubber is the ultimate dish-cleaning tool because it gives you a new kind of cleaning power that makes dish-cleaning tasks easier and your cleaning more thorough. Its ergonomic shape and unique flexible, scratch-free PowerCells deliver superior cleaning.

The DishFish Gives You
the Power To:

  • Reduce bacteria odors—naturally with no toxic chemicals

  • Cut through tough messes on any surface—without
    scratching even sensitive surfaces

  • Last and last—2.5x stronger than the leading scrubber sponge

  • Flex and conform to tight spaces

  • Quickly release food and grease particles

When you clean your dishes and sink with the DishFish, you know they're truly clean!

Dives Deep into Tight Spaces

Dives Deep into Tight Spaces

Won’t Crumble

Won’t Crumble

Tough on Messes

Tough on Messes

Stands Up To Dry Quickly

Stands Up To Dry Quickly



PowerCell Technology™ delivers unsurpassed cleaning performance while providing scratch-free results.
The PowerCells last long and resist bacteria odors, making it perfect for daily, kitchen cleaning tasks.



I absolutely LOVE your dishfish sponge. No matter what I do, my sponges always end up smelling like mildew. Yours is the ONLY product that doesn’t do that. And it lasts forever. Thank you DISHFISH!
— Christina R.
This is a great scrubber sponge! It’s very strong but doesn’t scratch even my best pans. Love the way I can stand it up on my sink and let all the water and tiny junk drain out of it with gravity. It’s cute and durable, LOVE IT! My husband already stole one for the garage.....
— Tamara F. | Verified Amazon Customer
Pretty impressed with the scrubbing capability of the DishFish. It’s pretty light so I assumed it would be flimsy and rip easily. However, I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn’t stay wet really long either which is pretty nice. I always have trouble with pasta sauce and grease staining sponges, but you don’t have to worry about that with the DishFish.
— Luke S. | Verified Amazon Customer
Received my scrubber yesterday after seeing it on social media. I have been using the regular 3M ones like forever (who hasn’t) and when my dishfish came in I was pleasantly surprised.

My favorite thing is how it stands up so it can dry. Its cute, works better than my old one and better quality than the scrub daddy one I bought awhile back. Definitely recommend the dishfish.
— Clean Freak | Verified Amazon Customer
I like this a lot.
They’ve improved on the typical sponge:
No smell, not too thick or too thin, flexible, won’t scratch, fits great in my hand, cleans well, lasts longer.
There’s one hole to clean silverware better. Not sure what the other hole is for? Maybe decoration?
It’s cute how it stands up. :-)
— Smart Shopper | Verified Amazon Customer
It really scrubs.
It really doesn’t scratch.
It doesn’t get stinky.
It’s just great.
— Jacqueline | Verified Amazon Customer
Love this Scrubber!!
Use dry for heavy duty scrubbing
Wet for everything else!
Scratch free too!!
— Larry B. | Verified Amazon Customer